True Meaning of Christmas Day 4: Joseph

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We are getting closer to Christmas! I hope these blog posts have helped you feel the true meaning of Christmas.  Today I wanted to talk about what I learned about Joseph.  He, along with Zacharias and Elisabeth, are often overlooked.

Joseph was a caring man

Can you imagine the shock that you would feel when your fiance comes to tell you that she is pregnant?! The baby that is growing in your wife’s womb is the Son of God, and not yours?! I can’t even imagine what he was feeling. Being worried that she would be mocked and made fun of, they hid for awhile.

One night while he was thinking about these things laying in bed, an angel appeared to him in his dream. He said not to fear of taking Mary as his wife.  Joseph was also comforted by being told that everything would be okay because the Holy Ghost was in her.  The angel also said that the son would be called Emmanuel, which means God with us.

Joseph, being a wonderful man, woke up and took Mary as his wife, knowing that the child was not his.  Many marvelous men out there take children that are not theirs and treat them like their own sons.  I remember hearing or reading somewhere that Jesus made it a point to make Joseph feel like he was a father to him. Joseph loved Jesus as his own. He taught him carpentry when he was a boy as well as other things.  I haven’t read much into the relationship between Joseph and Jesus but I will and bring you what I have learned.

What a remarkable man that often gets overlooked for his part in this. He had the strength to marry a woman that was pregnant with the Son of God.  He also did whatever it took to take care of them both, and to be there for Jesus when he needed him.

True Meaning of Christmas Day 4: Joseph

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