True Meaning of Christmas Day 3: Zacharias & Elisabeth

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Hello and welcome to Day 3! I am so grateful that you have been joining me.  It has been so fun for me to learn and have a place for me to share what I have learned.  I hope that you have learned a little bit with me.  Today I wanted to share some things I learned about Elisabeth (Mary’s Cousin), her husband Zacharias, and their son John (the Baptist as he is known in later years).


  • Zacharias was a priest, and had a wife named Elisabeth. It says in the scriptures that they were both “righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord.” Luke 1: 6.
  • They, like many people today, had no children because Elisabeth was considered barren, and they were also old in age.
  • Zacharias had an amazing experience. An angel appears to him and  tells him that the Lord has heard their prayers and that his wife was to have a son.  He was also told that they were to name their son John.  His son was to be great in the sight of the Lord.  That his son, will go before the Lord to preach unto the people of his coming and changing their hearts.
  • I am sure many of us would be unbelieving of this.  Zacharias told the angel his doubts. Because of his unbelieving the angel said that he will be dumb, meaning that he won’t be able to speak, until the baby was born.


  • As mentioned earlier, Elisabeth was Mary’s cousin, and older in age. After the vision her husband had in the temple she became pregnant!
  • Six months into her pregnancy, Mary has the vision mentioned in my previous post: True Meaning of Christmas Day 2: The Virgin, Mary. After Mary had that vision he went to Elisabeth’s house to see if the things the angel spoke were true.
  • When Mary entered into the room and said her hello’s to Zacharias and Elisabeth, Elisabeth’s baby leaped in her womb.  I believe that it was because her baby could sense the spirit of the Lord in Mary’s womb and leaped for joy!  What an amazing experience!
  • Elisabeth’s time came that she was to have her baby. As the angel prophesied, she gave birth to a boy. When they came to circumcise the baby and give him a name they assumed that they would name the baby Zacharias.  It was customary in those days to pick a name for your child that had family relation.  However, Zacharias wrote (because he still couldn’t speak) that the baby’s name was to be John.  At that moment his tongue was loosed and he spake again and praised God!

I know this story isn’t always told much in the Story of Christmas.  I felt like it was important to share because John was a very important part of Jesus Christ’s teachings, he even baptized Jesus Christ. His birth story was just as important to share as Jesus Christ’s is. My hope is that you learned a little bit about John. His relationship was very important to Jesus Christ, and it was fun to learn that they had a connection even while they were in their mother’s wombs.


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