True Meaning of Christmas in 7 days!

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Hello! I am sorry it has been a week or so since my previous post but I have been studying for something new! At the first of December I started studying the birth of Jesus Christ.  I was enjoying it and learning so much, that a thought came to me! I wonder if others would like to follow.  So drum roll please……! I bring to you the True Meaning of Christmas in 7 days!

Aren’t you as excited as me?! Probably not (winking emoji.) Side note, can you believe that there is only 1 week before Christmas? It’s crazy how fast it has approached!!

Okay back to my awesome idea! So for the next 7 days leading up to Christmas I am going to share what I have learned with you.  I have broken it up into certain events. Starting tomorrow for Day 1, I wanted to study of some of the prophecies that occurred before Jesus was born.

So I hope you will join me tomorrow! I hope that with all the hustle and bustle going on that these next 7 days time can slow down long enough that you can read these posts and bring that true meaning of Christmas back into your lives.  Because without Christ we would be saying, “Merry Mas!” to everyone we meet! Which does not sound as good as Merry Christmas!


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